Pascale Aebischer and Rachael Nicholas:

“Creation Theatre and Big Telly’s The Tempest: Digital Theatre and the Performing Audience”

Sarah Bay-Cheng:

“Theatre without Theatre: Performance Transmission as Translation” (Keynote lecture)

Anna Burzynska:

Rehearsing post-capitalist theatre

Bernadette Cochrane:

Capitalising on the back catalogue: streaming theatre in the age of COVID.

Cyrielle Garson:

“Reinventing VR during the Covid-19 Crisis: A Preliminary View of its Potential for the Theatre Sector”

Richard Huddleson:

On the Edge (Again?):  Irish-Language Theatre in Covidian Times

Jane Macnaughton:

The past, present and future of COVID-19: the role of medical humanities

Ulf Otto:

“Theaters digital epistemology: on FOMO, the privilege of presence and research driven by data”

Tamara Radak:

“Dying … to connect”: Dead Centre’s To Be a Machine (Version 1.0) (2020)

Zoë Seaton:

Hijacking the Familiar: The Work of Big Telly Theatre Company (Keynote lecture)

Kirsty Sedgman:

“How  To  Be Together (Even When We’re Apart):  Audience  Engagement  from  the  Live to the Digital Domain“

Sally Shuttleworth:

“Contagion Cabaret in the Time of COVID” (Keynote lecture)

Isabel Stuart:

The Feelings in the Room: Reframing Emotions in (post) COVID-19 Theatre Spectators

Marlena Tronicke:

Lives under Lockdown: Negotiations of Precarity in the National Theatre of Scotland and the BBC’s Scenes for Survival Series

Amy Willshire:

“Theater to heal”

John Wyver:

“The language of lockdown: split-screens and spatial montages in online performance adaptations during and beyond the pandemic”

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